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Friends Only :)   
10:08pm 30/07/2005

credit goes to (protestingwar) THANKS MEG!!! This journal is classified as Friends Only. Comment to be added, I'll most likely add you :)
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12:34am 16/07/2005
mood: ecstatic
Just got back from Barnes and Noble.. I HAVE HARRY POTTER AND THE HALF-BLOOD PRINCE!! i got it!! i was the first one in the bookstore to get it!! they gave me these harry potter glasses, and like 2 bracelets, and some other stuff... i got to the store at like 10:00 PM.. and yeah, i got it!!! i couldnt believe they put number 1 on my bracelet.. that's cuz i pre-ordered it like 3 months ago.. lol.. maybe longer than that.. YAY! i already read the first few pages.. gonna keep reading, i just wanted to write this in here.. lol, when i was leaving the store, i looked at the rest of the store, packed.. huge line.. and they all glared at me cuz i was the first one out, and i just flashed my copy at them.. hehe.. we even did a little countdown.. i was like WOOOOOHOOOOOOO.. oh, and i saw anthony (denise's brother) at BN, with his friend olga.. he took a pic of me with my harry potter glasses on lol.. it was hilarious.. he better show denise hahaha..and then delete the horrible picture.. well im gonna go read now.. because HELLO!!! oh and.. omg.. i accidentally read something on the last page, because i wanted to see how many pages there were cuz i forgot.. and i read ONE sentence in the middle.. and *GASP* lol, but it's not so huge.. well it is.. but.. yeah.. i wont spoil it for anyone.. ok going now.. bye.....
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02:14pm 13/07/2005
mood: bouncy

not much going on.. yesterday i went to barnes and noble to see if they had any other books about Nicole Kidman, but they didnt, so I'm just gonna buy it online.. but i did find this awesome book about acting.. I only got to read a few pages, and I really like it so far.. so yeah.. im not gonna bother talking about my weekend anymore.. lol.. too lazy.. it was nothing special anyway..

so anyway.. im reading this article about how johnny depp wants to get married to his 'girl friend' even though, they're practically married anyway, cuz they have 2 kids and stuff.. lol, it's cute how he's waiting for HER to propose lol. and he doesn't want to ruin her name! huh.. he can ruin mine anyday.. i mean seriously.. Vanessa Paradis-Depp. Her last name means paradise.. mine means Angels (spelled Angeles) so.. Vanessa Paradis-Depp, or Vanessa Angeles-Depp.... lol. i wouldnt even mind it being Vanessa Depp.. c'mon!! geez.. lol. sorry had to rant a little about that. it's just... JOHNNY DEPP!!

here's the article btw...Collapse )

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07:39pm 11/07/2005

survey thingies from MEG!Collapse )

07:36pm 11/07/2005
  gahh!! Deh!? Meg!? Chrissy!?

Which LJ Friends Really Don't Like You?
LJ Username
Person 1 colourmayfade
Reason You took them off of your friend list, but then added them on out of guilt
Person Two protestingwar
Reason You insulted them
Person Three obseenchristine
Reason You used incorrect grammar
This fun quiz by godisprolife - Taken 2895 Times.
New - Kwiz.Biz Astrology and Horoscopes

07:30pm 11/07/2005
mood: cheerful

will update about my wonderfully tiring weekend later.. but first here's this muah ha ha ha ha.. *hugs Meg*

come what may....Collapse )

change of opinion...   
12:35am 09/07/2005
mood: chipper
ok see if you read the entry below this one.. i was a little shocked by the change.. even though it wasnt so huge.. but now i really like it a lot.. the thing is, since it's the first time i do it, it didnt come out how it really should (again.. like my mom said.. why dont i listen to her ever?!) so yeah.. next week we're gonna adjust it.. and it's gonna be... Spectacular Spectacular!!

just had to say that so people dont think im looking at my hair in the mirror and trying to shave it off.. haha..
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dyed my hair...   
11:53pm 08/07/2005
mood: artistic
yes that's right.. i cant believe i actually did it... i realllyyyy wanted it to come out like Nic's red hair in MR, but i was scared it wouldnt look right.. and i found this light auburn color that looked kinda like her hair.. and it didnt come out quite like hers lol.. well it kinda came out like this:


but idk.. it's hard to explain.. it doesnt look bad.. i dont hate it, but i dont love it either.. my parents supposedly like it.. but i think im gonna fix it and get the REAL nic's red lol.. *kicks self for not listening to mom when she told me to get the other one that woulda come out right* so yeah.. it's not difficult to fix.. i dont have any pics yet since it's dark already and i tried taking pics on the webcam and since it's dark.. yeah.. grrr *kicks ranting* atleast it didnt come out horrible which is what i was afraid of.. well, a whole entry about my hair... how interesting lol.

well atleast i prove KENNY WRONG because he said that i would hate it and i would say 'OMG KENNY I HATE IT WHY DID I EVER DO IT' hahaha.. he thinks he knows me.. lol. ok he does.. that's typically me, but not this time *evil laugh* ooh speaking of evil i think i kinda look evil now.. YES! lol jp.. k well im gonna go do w/e i do when i sit here lol.. byebye

PS- i was messing around with the LJ layout code cuz i was trying to add music to it, and i had to re-do the whole thing, and i cant remember how i had the comments thing 'sparkle/diamonds' so yeah.. if anyone remembers how i had it (lol) PLEASEEEEE tell me!!! i would love you forever! (ok not forever but maybe for like a day hahahaha)
made a new wp..   
04:43pm 04/07/2005
mood: hot

HAPPY 4th of July!!

not doing anything interesting today.. we'll probably go watch fireworks tonight.. we saw some last night when we went through 80th street park.. maruca and gloria came yesterday.. igh. very very annoying!!

anyway.. i made a new wallpaper.. http://putfile.com/pic.php?pic=7/18415403033.png&s=x3  it's kinda.. whatever.. im still trying to get more creative with my art, but blah!! my stuff sucks lol.

im thinking about making this LJ friends only.. even though i already have some entries that are FO.. but still.. people are just getting all stupid on me about my journal.. and i dont want the whole world knowing some things that i mention.. even though like 3/4 of this journal are shyt about my obsessions lol.. well.. im off to do whatever.. byebye..

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who's my daddy?   
12:36am 04/07/2005
mood: cheerful
unbelievable.. very scary!! well it wouldnt be scary if i didnt love him! but i love him!

Your Daddy Is Johnny Depp

What You Call Him: Big Daddy
Why You Love Him: He takes you to Disneyland

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just felt like it..   
01:03pm 03/07/2005
mood: blank
Just felt like updating.. idk why lol.. nm is going on.. my parents are planning their little 4th of july thing.. well not planning anymore, but actually getting ready, cuz it's tomorrow.. so yeah.. im still in my pj's and it's 1:00 PM! my God.. I'm gonna go take a shower right after this lol..

I finally got The Hours dvd, and the Stepford Wives.. I was living on movie downloads, which arent as cool as having the real thing lol.

I've decided I'm gonna write to the address of the studio that I found where Nic is filming lol.. I wanna call the place, but I know it's not really gonna get me anywhere.. who knows though!

I've been trying to download Bewitched, it's been hard since it just came out a week ago.. I finally got the 1st half of the movie on my comp.. but now I can't get the 2nd half haha. great, right?

Mandy's been really busy lately with her new job. But I'm glad she got it!! :) We switched roles now that it's summer.. First I was the really busy one with school and dance class and everything.. and now I have nothing to do and she's not here anymore! lol. She has blah shifts.. I hope when school starts again I'll still be able to talk to her! and we have to figure out what we're gonna do with the Gilmore Girls wallpaper challenge community...

lol, I was all giddy because the other day someone at NKU posted an article about Nic, and it said about how Johnny Depp sent a message to Nicole Kidman about wanting to work with her, and how she really wants to!! and then I opened my Teen People yesterday that I got and there was a page interview with Nic and they asked her who her favorite actor is, and she said Sean Penn and Russell Crowe.. and then she said she would love to work with Johnny Depp, and she said he's pretty gorgeous.. muah ha ha ha ha... I'm not the only nut then.. But she better not steal him from me! (nah.. he's got Vanessa Paradis lol.. and his 2 kids!) And I could NEVER be mad at Nic.. omg I sound like a lunatic.. oh well I always do...

it's funny my dad was talking to my aunt on the phone today and since she writes for a newspaper in FL she's writing an article about me and about how I'm dancing in the show in october and stuff.. it's so funny.. they're putting a pic of me and everything.. unbelievable.. maybe one day if I actually make it as an actress and I'm famous they'll open the article and it'll be hilarious.. I'm gonna have a collection of newspaper articles I'm in my God.. like Kenny says, "You're famous" hahaha.. I wish lol.

wow.. longest entry in ages.. and it's very boring.. people probably gonna fall asleep in the middle of this.. oh well.. see ya whenever.. lol.
No more school!!   
11:56am 27/06/2005
mood: excited
YAY! I'm done! No more school! woohoo!! i did great on all my finals and stuff.. well not great great great.. but atleast i passed, and that's what counts lol. yeah.. so im excited.. finally no more school...

Meg made me the prettiest banner and LJ header!!! *hugs Meg* I'm putting it up right away! eeeh it's the prettiest! :) she used pics from the Bewitched premiere.. yay!!

umm i dunno what else to write for now, so im gonna go ahead and put up the Nic header :) YAY!!

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luckiest girl!!!!   
02:56pm 23/06/2005
  there was a live Nicole Kidman celeb chat.. and she answered 10 peoples questions.. AND THEY PICKED MINE!!!!!! I CANT BELIEVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


VanessaMarieAngeles in Onstage_1 asks: If you went back to when you were a little girl, would you imagine yourself winning an oscar, and doing all the films you've done? (Loved them all by the way!)
Nicole_Kidman_Live says: Thank you for the support! When I was a little girl I would dream a lot. In Australia there wasn't really the opportunity to dream of being an actress because we aren't set up there for that to be a profession. So you had to have a backup, I was going to
Nicole_Kidman_Live says: be a lawyer or writer as my backup plan. I think people have a path in life, it's just finding it.

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quick update...   
10:43pm 18/06/2005
mood: hot
Lots new.. can't talk about everything.. umm most exciting thing: Bewitched premiere!! yup i got to go!!! went with mom.. have video clips but they look kinda crappy.. (they're at nicolekidanunited.com message board if u wanna see) it was soooo much fun!! i cant wait for another premiere lol... i saw Nicole and i saw will ferrell.. and some other not-as-cool people lol.. umm i passed all my classes this year!! lol.. as if i would fail.. wait actually idk if i passed history or not for sure, mr. D was being mean and is making me wait till we get report cards for me to find out so blah him...

ooh yeah...they want to take my ballet solo to competition!! EEEEH! im so excited!!

ehh a lot of other stuff but dont feel like typing now.. so byebye!
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11:55am 09/06/2005
mood: nervous
YUP!!! today's his bday.. well it's not gonna be his bday anymore in like 5 minutes.. i forgot to post it in my other post cuz i was all weepy about journalism (yeah right) lol. well, i had a great day.. till dance class. i skipped tap, which is OK cuz it's like baby tap for me haha. i did great in the 4th exam, and the other stuff.. but when i got to the THIRD EXAM.. well i did good for 3/4 of it.. then a whole lot of drama that i dont feel like typing.. well like a baby, i ended up crying and then sonia was like 'yeah i love u so much' and a lot of nice stuff... kassie and kattie (my nieces) are ADORABLE!!! they came today, and kassie got to watch me dancing for a bit, she's so adorable. oooh while i was taking my anatomy exam mr. martucci had classical music on and MY BALLET SOLO SONG CAME ON!! haha i got so excited in the middle of the exam so funny..

so i need everyone to wish me luck on my ballet exam.. id rather take school exams lol... so yeah, sonia still rocks, even tho i got lectured and oneida.. well she's a hypocrit but it's ok.. she loves me too haha.. not as much as sonia (one of my idols!! one of my favorite people!! we share the same birthday!! and people always ask if we're related.. i guess we have some similarities.. and she treats me differently to other students.. woohooo i feel special!!) k must go now... tired.. ahh it's not Johnny's birthday anymore :( good night!!
09:17am 09/06/2005
mood: sad
this is the last time I'm updating in journalism lol.. ahh! so sad *tear* yeah ok, snapped out of that so quickly lol. i won't be able to update in school anymore!! wait, yeah, cuz I took the yearbook/journalism for next year so yeah... but im gonna miss chrissy, and all the journalism people.. ahh!!! they're all graduating!!

I PASSED MY HSPA'S!!!! i got my scores yesterday!! finally!! we took em in march damnit! i was so nervous.. bc if u dont pass the hspa's you cant graduate! ahh!! poor martha got partial proficient in the math section :( *hugs* i was only a few points away from advanced proficient! heehee..

ahh only a little bit of time left in this class.. im really gonna miss ms.mcgowan.. she was awesome, one of the best teachers...

well.. im gonna go now.. *SOBS* ahhh.. goodbye journalism.. goodbye seniors.. ahh!!

one more year for me.. heehee..
06:57pm 07/06/2005
mood: nervous
getting lazy with the updating again.. this always happens to me when the weather gets nice lol.. lots of stuff!! gonna make lists...

Stuff that makes me nervous:
- we're getting HSPA scores tomorrow. ahh! finally! since march ive been waiting!
- french 3 final exam.. i havent studied at all.. or written my essay.. ahh!
- ballet exam on saturday..
- dudes that like me.. and im confused about.. very much.. yes i said dudes.. plural..

umm some other stuff too but w/e

stuff that makes me happy:
- history final today.. i studied a lot and i think i did really well..
- the fact that this week is finals and after this week we only have homeroom until the last day of school! weeeh!
- warm weather
- bewitched world premiere on June 13th.. that I think I'm going to.. which means I'll most likely see Nicole Kidman and Will Ferrell! and other people from the movie...
- my solo.. i finally feel happy with how im doing it.. and all the teachers, students, and most importantly ONEIDA love it! weeeh!

ok this really sucks.. this list thing isnt working for me lol..

I'm in an old-music-y-type-mood-thing... I have more to talk about but I don't feel like typing anymore right now...
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ballet pic!!   
11:34pm 01/06/2005
mood: thirsty

class was REALLLYYYYYYYYY good today.. just wanted to post this cuz i looove my costume (not being conceited.. it's my first solo you know!!!!)


pic!!!!Collapse )

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SATs... and other stuff   
11:00am 24/05/2005
mood: giddy
I got my SAT score today!! this whole time I could have had it (well, since yesterday) but I've been using the wrong username.. I didn't know i have 2 usernames lol... well, i got a 1521!! i did better than i expected...

well.. looks like mrs.mcgowan is not in a good mood today.. she's usually really cool, but everyone has there days lol...

lol, she's still funny..

well, tomorrow we take ID pics.. i have to look presentable cuz every freaking year my ID pic looks HORRIBLE. so it better come out nice tomorrow..

wow, i just turned around like 50 times, im paranoid that my teacher will be behind me reading this haha...

well, let me get to work... gotta work on my presentation.. *waves*
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10:52am 23/05/2005
mood: nervous
here updating after what seems like centuries.. talking to chrissy about her prom.. she looked so pretty!!

saw the 'dude' several times today. said hi to the dude right before this period.. finally after seeing the dude all day....

awwww *hugs chrissy* i wish i would have been there too!! but it wasn't my night.. i hope she had fun :)

i checked for my SAT score online but they didnt add mine! grrr!! some people got them but mine wasn't released yet, so i guess may 30th.. im gonna check it out better at home, cuz these computers suck.

ahh i gotta remember to dress up for my marketing presentation.. which is my final.. gotta look business-y...

uhh well.. im gonna do some other things.. ok byeee...